The Secret of Chimneys - Agatha Christie

I must have had a pretty good day two years ago, because I gave this book a 3,5 star rating the first time around (you can read my review here).



Back then I already had the impression that the plot is incredibly convoluted and now that I have relistened to the book on audio, only one word comes to my mind in regards to the plot: the plot is completely gaga. That´s genuinly the only word that comes to my mind.


Herzoslowakia, the comrades of the red hand, the nationalist, the loyalists, the Isaacstein syndicate and of course King Victor, the infamous french jewel thief, who gets mentioned numerous times throughout the novel for seemingly no apparent reason at all. And of course there is Anthony Cade, who is the male version of a special snowflake.


The only good thing about this book is Superintendent Battle. I like him. Unfortunately the story centers around the character of Anthony, I wish Battle would have been at the center of the narrative. 


Of course, Hugh Frasers narration is perfection, as it always is. But that didn´t help with this book either. Definitely not one of my favorite Christies.