Our Man In Havana - Graham Greene, Christopher Hitchens

"Fiendish, isn´t it?" the Chief said. "The ingenuity, the simplicity, the devilish imagination of the thing." He removed his black monocle and his baby-blue eye caught the light and made it jig on the wall over the radiator. "See this one here six times the height of a man. Like a gigantic spray. And this - what does this remind you of?"

Hawthorne said unhappily. "A two-way nozzle."

"What´s a two-way nozzle?"

"You sometimes find them with a vacuum cleaner."

"Vacuum cleaner again. Hawthorne, I believe we may be on to something so big that the H-Bomb will become a conventional weapon."


Oh gosh, this chapter made me laugh so hard and this doesn´t happen very often to me while reading a book. I´m really loving this story so far.