The Hidden Target - Helen MacInnes

"You arranged all that?" Her eyes brightened.

"You bet I did. All I wanted was to get you out - away from Kiley and Shawfield."

"And I wouldn´t listen."

"You´ve got a pretty strong mind of your own."

"I´m sorry - "

"No, no. I love it. It may be hell at times - have you any idea what you put me through? - but you´ve got spirit, darling. Did you think I just adored you for the way you look? Oh, there´s that, too." He thought of last night, this morning. "Very much so," he said, and watched a blush spread delicately over her cheeks. "God, you are the most beautiful girl. How many men have wanted to marry you, Nina?"

"I never said yes to any of them. And I never -" She halted in embarrassment. "You´re the first man I´ve ever been - who´s ever made real love to me."


Honestly, this is pure torture.