Deathtrap: A Thriller in Two Acts - Ira Levin

SIDNEY. (Opening the door) Come in. 

HELGA. I apologize for so late I come but you will forgive when I make the explaining.


She comes D. into the study. Sidney closes the door.


Ja, Ja, is room I see. Beams, and window like so... (Holds her forehead, wincing) And the pain! Such pain!


Helga sees Myra and recognizes her as the source of it; approaches her.


Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain...


She moves her hands about Myra, as if wanting to touch and comfort her but unable to.


Pain. Pain. Pain!


Helga, being Dutch and being a Psychic, is such an eccentric character, she has already become my favorite and she has just made her entrance.