Quick Curtain - Alan Melville

I´m DNFing this book. And my main issue isn´t that this book has a weak mystery plot, which it has. But the tone of this book, specifically in almost all of the scenes between the father and son, really grates on my nerves:


Mister Wilson picked up the two sections of the alabaster statuette, rejoined them and placed the complete article carefully back on the hall table. It is surprising how much amusement can be got out of the simple things of life. A statuette broken and placed together the wrong way round is a fairly good example. Mr. Wilson, junr., collapsed in a hysterical fashion against the opposite wall.




It´s so not funny! 


And I don´t know what is worse. The fact that the inspector has his idiotic journalist son as a sidekick or that both of them are acting like clowns basically all of the time. I just know I really disliked these two characters and I can´t be bothered about anything in this book.


DNF at 135 pages.


Money earned: $2.00