The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea - Sebastian Junger

This is going to be my first review in English, just for the sake of improving my writing skills. And now I am quite excited how it is going to work. So here we go.


“The Perfect Storm” is actually a reread. In the late 90s my aunt gave me the German translation of the book and said to me, that I´m going to love it. And I loved it and after rereading it, I´m still loving it. My review in a nutshell: This book is awesome!


Sebastian Junger uses the first part of the book to introduce us to the crew of the Andrea Gail and gives an insight into a lot of topics surrounding fishermen, their profession, the boats, the history of commercial fishing, the weather, rogue waves and a lot more. I can hardly remember everything. The book is quite educational in that matter, but all these explanations give a great impression of the lives of fishermen and the problems, which occur along the way. There is an odd sense of foreboding to this part of the book and it just keeps you turning the pages.


However, the second part of the book is my favorite one. The storm is hitting the North Atlantic Ocean and the Andrea Gail and other boats and ships are caught right in the middle of this monster. The story turns from educational to sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat exciting. It´s gripping, awe-inspiring and sometimes I felt like I myself was caught up in that storm. It was terrifying.


My recommendation: Read this book and (do not) get blown away.